Barry Adamson - Back To The Cat - (CD Album)

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Barry Adamson - Back To The Cat - (CD Album)

Barry Adamson takes us Back to the Catalogue with a series of reissues on coloured vinyl and CD.

Originally released in 2008, Back To The Cat, was in keeping with the artist who developed the concept of the imaginary soundtrack, with every song building a compelling narrative around Barry’s lifelong investigation of identity, sexuality, race, spirituality and society. The record picked up the threads of his previous work and continued to showcase his musical ambidexterity covering noir jazz, sun-drenched pop ballads, fractious funk, heavenly blues and subversive soul.


  1. The Beaten Side of Town
  2. Straight 'Til Sunrise
  3. Spend A Little Time
  4. Shadow Of Death Hotel
  5. I Could Love You
  6. Walk On Fire
  7. Flight
  8. Civilization
  9. People
  10. Psycho_Sexual

Format: CD Album (Card eco pac)
Barcode: 5400863068790
Catalogue Number: BARRY2CD
Label: Mute
Release Date: Friday, 23rd September 2022

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