Annie Hogan

Annie Hogan is a composer, musician, producer, singer songwriter and multi media artist. Best known for her early work with Marc Almond, as a member of the Mambas and La Magia, Annie has also collaborated with many artists including Nick Cave, Barry Adamson, Jarboe (Swans), Yello, Simon Fisher Turner and Scanner.

Signed versions of her recent album "Lost In Blue", released 5th April 2019, are now available to order exclusively from Lexer Music.

The album features collaborations with Lydia Lunch, Kid Congo Powers (ex Gun Club, Cramps, Bad Seeds), Gavin Friday (ex Virgin Prunes), Richard Strange (Doctors of Madness), Wolfgang Flür (ex Kraftwerk) and many more.

We are also stocking Annie's back catalogue, most of these are signed and some contain limited edition art pieces.

Photo credit: Studio Blue

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