Yann Tiersen - Eusa - (CD Album) - SIGNED

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Yann Tiersen - Eusa - (CD Album) - SIGNED

Yann Tiersen's brand new album, EUSA, was released on Mute in September 2016. We have five more signed copies available.

The new album comprises 10 new solo piano pieces, each related to a specific location on the island of Ushant off the coast of Brittany ('Eusa' in Breton), where Tiersen lives.

The album, recorded at Abbey Road, will feature Yann Tiersen solo on the piano, accompanied only by a field recording from the exact spot referred to in the piece of music.

CD Track Listing

  1. Hent I - Pern
  2. Hent II - Porz Goret
  3. Lok Gweltz - Hent III
  4. Penn ar Roc'h - Hent IV
  5. Kereon - Hent V
  6. Yuzin
  7. Roc'h ar Vugale - Hent VI
  8. Penn ar Lann - Hent VII
  9. Enez Nein
  10. Kadoran - Hent VIII

Catalogue Number: CDSTUMM397
Bar Code: 5051083108171
Label: Mute Artists
Release Date: 30th September 2016

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