Vienna - History 1984-1991 - (4CD Deluxe Boxset)


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Vienna - History 1984-1991 - (4CD Deluxe Boxset)

Formed in 1984 under the name ACADEMIE, they comprised of vocalist Odile Arias, her brother Dominique and Thierry Martinez. Impressing with a demo that had reached Ariola Records, they went on to support French band INDOCHINE who had an international hit with 'L'Adventurier' in 1983. Eventually signing with RCA in 1986 and changing their name to VIENNA, their debut single was the sublime 'Say You Love Me (Tu As Jure?)'. Coincidently having named themselves after the ULTRAVOX song, Warren Cann later appeared as a guest drummer on INDOCHINE's album '7000 Danses' in 1987!

Influenced by KRAFTWERK and Synth Britannia acts such as DEPECHE MODE, OMD and GARY NUMAN, VIENNA sounded like a dreamy, less industrialised cousin of HARD CORPS who supported DEPECHE MODE during the 'Music For The Masses' tour. But the DM connections don't end there for Odile became Martin Gore's girlfriend during this period, having met at a DM show after they left RCA and signed to Mute France in 1987. She can be seen as part of the DM entourage in the D A Pennebaker documentary '101'. Another great single 'Pour Ne Pas Me Toucher' produced by Rico Conning (best known for his 'Blind Mix' of DM's 'Strangelove' with Daniel Miller) was issued shortly after but by 1989, VIENNA were no more. Odile Arias continued briefly as a solo artist releasing 'Reste Avec Moi' in 1990.

Back in 2013, all of those singles plus B-sides like 'Viens Dans La Chambre' and many of the demos recorded by VIENNA between 1985 to 1990 (and unreleased in the vaults of Mute Records) were gathered together and given a chance to shine. As can be expected, the quality is variable from full studio masters to cassette recordings but several songs like the sparsely chirpy 'Rendez-vous Sur La Mer Noire' and the moodier 'Un Dernier Dimance Avant La Guerre' are wonderfully exquisite diamonds in the mine that has now been unearthed, Odile's exquisite allure providing much enjoyment to the synthesized soundtrack.

Track Listing

CD1 - The Singles

  1. Académie - Rendez-Vous
  2. Académie - Rendez-Vous (Instrumental)
  3. Vienna - Say You Love Me (Tu As Juré)
  4. Vienna - Rendez-Vous Sur La Mer Noire
  5. Vienna - Say You Love Me (Tu As Juré) Version Longue Re-Mix
  6. Vienna - Rendez-Vous sur La Mer Noire (Instrumental)
  7. Vienna - Pour Ne Pas Me Toucher
  8. Vienna - Viens Dans La Chambre
  9. Vienna - Pour Ne Pas Me Toucher (Extended)
  10. Odile - Reste Avec Moi (7” version)
  11. Odile - Reste Avec Moi (Extended Version)
  12. Odile - Reste Avec Moi (Obsession Version)

CD2 - Unreleased Mute Album

  1. Vienna - L’Ecran Bleu (Demo Version)
  2. Vienna - La Terre Est A Nous
  3. Vienna - Un Dernier Dimanche Avant La Guerre
  4. Vienna - Naufragés
  5. Odile - Laisses Moi T’Emmener (Demo Version)
  6. Odile - Monghi
  7. Vienna - Viens Dans La Chambre
  8. Vienna - Reste Avec Moi
  9. Vienna - Pour Ne Pas Me Toucher
  10. Vienna - N'Oublie Jamais (Demo Version)
  11. Vienna - Aller Trop Loin

CD3 - Unreleased, Rarities, Demos, Obscurities

  1. Pique Nique - Spationaute
  2. Pique Nique - Le Robot
  3. Pique Nique - Le Manoir Est Désert
  4. Pique Nique - Tu As Juré (Version Brumes)
  5. Pique Nique - L'Homme Mystérieux
  6. Pique Nique - Expose¦? a¦? Tes Baisers
  7. Pique Nique - Loup Garou
  8. Pique Nique - L'Enlèvement
  9. Académie - Selène Quatre (Demo)
  10. Académie - Amour Fatal (Demo)
  11. Académie - La Fille Aux Yeux Rouges
  12. Académie - Engin De L'espace
  13. Académie - Les Amants De La Nuit (Demo)

CD4 - Unreleased, Rarities, Demos, Obscurities

  1. Vienna - Pour Ne Pas Me Toucher (Karl Bartos Version)
  2. Vienna - Profession reporter
  3. Vienna - Profession Reporter (with Nicolas Sirkis)
  4. Vienna - Six Pieds Sous Terre
  5. Vienna - Direction Vega (Demo)
  6. Vienna - Venise (Demo)
  7. Vienna - Self Made Man (Demo)
  8. Vienna - In Extremis (Demo)
  9. Vienna - Rendez-Vous Sur La Mer Noire (Demo)
  10. Odile - Comme Un Nageur" (Demo)
  11. Odile - Dans Une Maison (Demo)

Format: 4CD Deluxe Boxset
Catalogue Number: BXCDUN39
Label: Undo Records
Release Date: 25th Februaury 2014

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