Telex - Telex - (Limited Edition 6LP Coloured Vinyl Box Set)


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Telex - Telex - (Limited Edition 6LP Coloured Vinyl Box Set)

Following 2021’s compilation This is Telex, Telex return with a vinyl and CD boxset of their full catalogue of studio albums: Looking For Saint Tropez, Neurovision, Sex, Wonderful World, Looney Tunes and How Do You Dance?

These studio albums have all been remastered and newly mixed by band members Dan Lacksman and Michel Moers, keeping the spirit of the original tracks whilst adding a freshness to produce a definitive version of each album. The boxset is a timeline of the Belgian synthpop trio’s career, from their 1979 debut up to their last studio album How Do You Dance? (2006).


LP1 (White Vinyl) - Looking For Saint-Tropez (Remastered)

  • A1. Moskow Diskow
  • A2. Pakmoväst
  • A3. Café de la jungle
  • A4. Ça plane pour moi
  • A5. Some Day / Un jour
  • B1. Something To Say
  • B2. Rock Around The Clock
  • B3. Victime de la societe
  • B4. Twist À Saint-Tropez

LP2 (Red Vinyl) - Neurovision (Remastered)

  • A1. A/B
  • A2. Réalité
  • A3. Cliché
  • A4. En route vers de nouvelles aventures
  • A5. Tour de France
  • A6. We Are All Getting Old
  • B1. My Time
  • B2. Plus de distance (More Than Distance)
  • B3. Euro-Vision
  • B4. Dance To The Music
  • B5. Lakelele
  • B6. Soul Waves

LP3 (Orange Vinyl) - Sex (Remastered)

  • A1. Brainwash
  • A2. Drama, Drama
  • A3. Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before
  • A4. Long Holiday
  • A5. The Man With The Answer
  • B1. Carbon Copy
  • B2. Exercise Is Good For You
  • B3. Dream-O-Mat
  • B4. Dummy
  • B5. Sigmund Freud’s Party

LP4 (Yellow Vinyl) - Wonderful World (Remastered)

  • A1. L’amour toujours
  • A2. So Sad
  • A3. Raised By Snakes
  • A4. It Could Happen To You
  • A5. Second Hand
  • B1. Tell Me It’s A Dream
  • B2. Vertigo
  • B3. The Voice
  • B4. Radio-Radio
  • B5. Wonderful World

LP5 (Purple Vinyl) - Looney Tunes (Remastered)

  • A1. I Don’t Like Music
  • A2. Temporary Chicken
  • A3. Spike Jones
  • A4. Beautiful Li(f)e
  • A5. Dingo Bells
  • B1. I Want Your Brain
  • B2. Baby, When?
  • B3. Peanuts
  • B4. Happy End (I Wanna)
  • B5. Rendez-vous dans l’espace

LP6 (Green Vinyl) - How Do You Dance? (Remastered)

  • A1. On The Road Again
  • A2. How Do You Dance?
  • A3. This Is Your Song
  • A4. The Number One Song In Heaven
  • B1. J’aime la vie
  • B2. White Noise
  • B3. Move!
  • B4. Jailhouse Rock
  • B5. Do Worry

Format: Limited Edition LP Coloured Vinyl Box Set + Download Code
Barcode: 5400863068264
Catalogue Number: TELEXBOX1
Label: Mute
Release Date: Friday, 14th April 2023

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