Soft Cell - Memorabilia 2023 Club DJ13 - (CD Album)


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Soft Cell - Memorabilia 2023 Club DJ13 - (CD Album)

We’ve had a few of these sent over from Germany, and are making them available to everyone in the interests of fairness via our website, only while stocks last.

They are on CD (not CDR) and feature a black and white design on a card sleeve. 13 tracks, including mixes from Daniel Miller, The Hacker, Wally Funk, Luke Soloman, Cicada, plus the original versions and a new 2023 dub mix.


  1. Daniel Miller Remix
  2. Daniel Miller Remix Instrumental
  3. The Hacker 808 Remix
  4. The Hacker Remix
  5. Wally Funk Remix
  6. Wally Funk Remix Dub
  7. Luke Solomon Remix
  8. Cicada Remix
  9. Cicada Remix Dub
  10. Original 12" Version
  11. Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing Version
  12. Original Single Version
  13. 2023 Dub Remix

Format: CD Album
Catalogue Number: GDRCD001
Label: Vertigo
Release Date: January 2023

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