Scarlet Soho - In Cold Blood - (CD Album)

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Scarlet Soho - In Cold Blood - (CD Album)

The beats, the sounds, the complete passion thrown into the album is nothing like anything on the market now. The emotion throughout In Cold Blood is completely tangible. The beats will have you move. James’ vocals will have your heart pounding. Simply put, In Cold Blood isn’t just an’s alive...FOUR CULTURE

Track Listing

  1. In Cold Blood
  2. When The Lights Go Out
  3. What You Need
  4. Gigolo
  5. Two Steps From Heartache
  6. This Town Is Mine
  7. Make The Final
  8. 2015
  9. Solo KO

Format: CD Album
Barcode: 5038787204026
Label: Mirrorman Recordings
Release Date: Thursday, 1st January 2015

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