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Pop Smear - This Ain't Art (CD Album)

Their debut album This Ain't Art was recorded in New York with Scottish producer Roger Fife (Cyndi Lauper, Fatboy Slim, Tricky). It features ten original compositions and the album contains an exclusive remix. Whether it becomes a hit remains to be seen, but rarely will you find a more honest collection of quality pop songs.

Copies of the album are SIGNED by the band.

CD Album Track Listing

  1. Lucifer
  2. Love Junkie
  3. In Heaven
  4. This Ain't Art
  5. More Prozac Please
  6. Art Major
  7. Yoshimi
  8. The Pleasures of Pain
  9. High Society
  10. Dragons
  11. Lucifer - Roger Fife Remix (CD Bonus Track)

Barcode: 845121035421
All songs written by Georgia Haege and Tom Oski Copyright 2011
Produced and mixed by Roger Fife
Photography by b-havior.com
Artwork by Lisa Kalomeris-Keve
Logos and sleeve design by Mike Swihura

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