Pet Shop Boys - Smash - (3CD Album)

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Pet Shop Boys - Smash - (3CD Album)

Pet Shop Boys announce the upcoming release of ‘SMASH - The Singles 1985-2020’ – the complete collection of their singles from across 35 years of the duo’s acclaimed career.

‘SMASH The Singles 1985-2020’ will be available as a 3CD, including all Pet Shop Boys’ hits starting with their debut single ‘West End girls’ and continuing through such iconic tracks as ‘Love comes quickly’, ‘It’s a sin’, ‘Always on my mind’, ‘Being boring’, ‘Suburbia’, ‘Opportunities’, ‘What have I done to deserve this?’, ‘Rent’ and ‘Heart’.

From May, the duo will play more dates across the UK and Europe as part of the ‘Dreamworld: The Greatest Hits Live’ tour. The shows include a date at The Eden Project in Cornwall and headline performances at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Madrid and Porto.



  1. West End girls
  2. Love comes quickly
  3. Opportunities (Let’s make lots of money)
  4. Suburbia
  5. It’s a sin
  6. What have I done to deserve this?
  7. Rent
  8. Always on my mind
  9. Heart
  10. Domino dancing
  11. Left to my own devices
  12. It’s alright
  13. So hard
  14. Being boring
  15. Where the streets have no name/I can’t take my eyes off you
  16. Jealousy
  17. DJ Culture
  18. Was it worth it? (7” Version)


  1. Can you forgive her?
  2. Go West
  3. I wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing (7” Version)
  4. Liberation
  5. Yesterday, when I was mad (Single Version)
  6. Paninaro 95
  7. Before
  8. Se a vida è (that’s the way life is)
  9. Single bilingual
  10. A red letter day
  11. Somewhere
  12. I don’t know what you want but I can’t give it any more
  13. New York City boy (US Radio Edit)
  14. You only tell me you love me when you’re drunk
  15. Home and dry
  16. I get along (Radio Edit)
  17. Miracles (Radio Edit)
  18. Flamboyant (7” Mix)


  1. I’m with Stupid
  2. Minimal (Radio Edit)
  3. Numb (Single Edit)
  4. Love etc.
  5. Did you see me coming?
  6. It doesn’t often snow at Christmas (New Version)
  7. Together (Ultimate Mix)
  8. Winner
  9. Leaving
  10. Memory of the future (New Single Mix)
  11. Vocal (Radio Edit)
  12. Love is a bourgeois construct (Night-time Radio Edit
  13. Thursday (feat. Example) (Radio Edit)
  14. The Pop Kids (Radio Edit)
  15. Twenty-something (Radio Edit)
  16. Say it to me (New Radio Mix)
  17. Dreamland (feat. Years & Years)
  18. Monkey business (Radio Edit)
  19. I don’t wanna (Radio Edit)

Format: 3CD Album
Barcode: 0190295021955
Label: Parlophone
Release Date: Friday, 16th June 2023

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