Parralox - Subculture - (CD Album)


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Parralox - Subculture - (Limited Edition CD Album)

Parralox are back with their brand new album, Subculture! John von Ahlen shows all his geniality in the form of 14 new songs featuring amazing guest singers and musicians like Marcella Detroit from Shakespeares Sister and ex Human League member Ian Burden.

CD Track Listing - Side A (Red)

  1. Paradise (feat. Marcella Detroit)
  2. Electric Nights (feat. Johanna)
  3. The Key To The Door Of Heaven (feat. Lillia)
  4. Gimme Back My Lovin (feat. Lillia)
  5. Change Of Heart
  6. A Question Of Love (feat. Louise Love)
  7. Jupiter (feat. Louise Love)

CD Track Listing - Side B (Blue)

  1. Pressure Point
  2. Overdrive (feat. Ian Burden)
  3. Last Year At Marienbad (feat. Louise Love)
  4. Last Man Standing (feat. Peter Wilson)
  5. Voyager (feat. Louise Love)
  6. Rocket Science
  7. U86 (feat. A7-H)

Catalogue Number: 9008798196074
Bar Code: CRCD PLOX 21
Label: Conzoom Records
Re-Release Date: 23rd December 2016

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