Parralox - Paradise - (4xCD Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)


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Parralox - Paradise - (4xCD Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)

Conzoom Records is proud to present the new Parralox single "Paradise (feat. Marcella Detroit)". "Paradise" is the follow-up to "Electric Nights (feat. Johanna Gervin)", which climbed to number 20 in the UK Commercial Pop Club charts in March 2018. Marcella Detroit is the focus of "Paradise", Lillia Mendoza and Louise Love on backing vocals.

Marcella Detroit is an iconic singer and her outstanding career includes Shakespear's Sister (with Siobhan Fahey from Bananarama), on the BBC TV show Absolutely Fabulous (as Eddie's Angel in The Last Shout) and as a background singer for Eric Clapton and Bob Seger. She also appeared in the Beatles film "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

"Paradise (feat. Marcella Detroit)" comes with remixes by Eric Kupper (who is now part of C&C Music Factory and was Frankie Knuckles engineer), People Theatre and Will Alonso.

We have a total allocation of 30 of these 4xCD Super Deluxe Fan Bundle sets only.

CD1: Parralox - Paradise feat Marcella Detroit EP (CD)

  1. Paradise (feat. Marcella Detroit) (Radio Mix)
  2. Paradise (feat. Marcella Detroit) (Eric Kupper Remix)
  3. Paradise (feat. Marcella Detroit) (Destino Remix)
  4. Paradise (feat. Marcella Detroit) (People Theatre Remix)
  5. Paradise (feat. Marcella Detroit) (Will Alonso Remix)
  6. Paradise (feat. Marcella Detroit) (Mark Hagan Remix)
  7. Nemesis (Demo V1)
  8. Sueño Latino (Demo V1)
  9. Hidden Track

CD2: Parralox - Remix Series 3 - Talion Law (Promotional CD-R)

  1. Sharper Than A Knife (The Talion Law A Seed Of Love Mix) ***
  2. Aeronaut (The Talion Law Flying Soul Mix)
  3. Beautiful World (Talion Law Remix)
  4. Do You Feel What I Feel (The Talion Law Delight Mix Demo) ***
  5. Eye In The Sky (The Talion Law Optical Radio Mix)
  6. Footsteps (The Talion Law Midnight Mix)
  7. I Am Human (Talion Law Remix)
  8. Sharper Than A Knife (The Talion Law Dead Slow Mix)
  9. Wildlife (Talion Law Remix)
  10. Time (The Talion Law Velvet Mix) ***


CD3: Parralox - Remixes 4 (Promotional CD-R)

  1. Paul Lekakis - Somebody (Is Out There) (Parralox Club Mix)
  2. Silver Factory Superstars - Stardust (Parralox Remix)
  3. Neil Francis - Closure (Parralox Remix)
  4. Real Experts - Yet feat Neil Francis (Parralox Remix)
  5. Son of Neil - Superhuman (Parralox Remix)
  6. Farmacia - Libero Mi Alma (Parralox Remix)
  7. The Human Lynx - Best Of You (Parralox Remix)
  8. Zollotoy - Feel So Right (Parralox Remix)

CD4: Parralox - Demos & Rarities - Volume 1 (Promotional CD-R)

  1. Be Careful What You Wish For (Demo)
  2. Artificial (Demo)
  3. Lonely Hearts (Demo)
  4. Blind Vision (Demo)
  5. Electric Nights (AJ's Alternative Mix)
  6. Voyager (Gay Cat Park 80s Remix)
  7. Shine (Demo)
  8. The Black Hit Of Space (Demo V1)
  9. I'm Not Scared (Demo)
  10. System Of Pleasure (Demo V1)

Catalogue Number: CRCDPLOX25
Label: Conzoom Records
Release Date: Friday, 22nd June 2018

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