Parralox - Holiday '18 - (CD Album)


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Parralox - Holiday '18 - (CD Album)

The seasonal offering from Parrolox, "Holiday '18" sees John von Ahlen reinterpreting many fascinating songs from the past decades and putting a wonderful, timeless Parralox stamp on them. Among others, tracks include cover versions of Blondie's "Heart Of Glass" and "Lullaby" by The Cure.

Limited Edition of 100 stand-alone CD albums only.

CD Track Listing

  1. Daisy (Part 1)
  2. Don't Change
  3. Be My Lover Now
  4. Flash In The Night
  5. The Black Hit of Space
  6. Sharp as a Knife
  7. Heart of Glass
  8. Lullaby
  9. Time After Time
  10. Daisy (Part 2)

Format: CD Album
BarCode: 7111307460343
Catalogue Number: CRCDPLOX26
Label: Conzoom Records
Release Date: Friday, 28th December 2018

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