Parralox - Holiday '17 4xCD Set - (Super Deluxe Limited Edition)


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Parralox - Holiday '17 4xCD Set - (Super Deluxe Limited Edition)

We are looking forward to presenting another incredible PARRALOX Promo CD package. Parralox's Super Deluxe version of Holiday '17 features the 10-track Holiday '17 album. The three Promotional CD-Rs are strictly limited and contain the "Remixes 3" CD and the incredibly grandiose complete Human League cover CD album "Reproduction". True pearls for every Parralox and Electropop fan! There will be no repressions of the promo releases!

The Super Deluxe limited edition of Holiday '17 is strictly limited to 150 sets in total; we have 30 of these sets only. Stock level shows the remaining copies available from us.

1. PARRALOX - HOLIDAY ´17 (CD Album)

  1. O Tannenbaum (feat. Katja von Kassel)
  2. Dreams
  3. The Dignity Of Labour (Part 3)
  4. I'm Not Scared
  5. Shine
  6. Who Knows What Love Is
  7. Fools
  8. Love Letters
  9. The Dancer
  10. Stop/Start

 2. PARRALOX - Remixes 3 (Promotional CD-R)

  1. Caroline McLavy - I Never Thought (Parralox Remix)
  2. Paul Lekakis - All Around The World (Parralox Remix)
  3. Hollywood Beyond - What's The Colour Of Money (Parralox Remix)
  4. Seaofsin - BL (Parralox Remix)
  5. Tycho Brahe - Sex Rocket (Parralox Remix) - Ken Evans
  6. Comfortable Cave Goodbye - Travel In Time (Parralox Remix)
  7. Human Lynx - The One To Save You (Parralox Remx)
  8. The Magikal - The Ticket (Parralox Remix)
  9. Will Alonso - Her Calling (Parralox Remix)
  10. Telekon - King Of Nothing (Parralox Remix) 

 3. PARRALOX - Remix Series Volume 2 - People Theatre (Promotional CD-R)

  1. Isn't It Strange (People Theatre's Snowball Remix)
  2. Isn't It Strange (People Theatre's Snowball Remix Extended)
  3. When The Walls Came Tumbling Down (People Theatre's Born Again Mix)
  4. Time (People Theatre's Blessing Mix)
  5. Promised Land (People Theatre's Diamond Mix)
  6. Somebody II (People Theatre’s Impatience Mix)
  7. Somebody II (People Theatre’s Impatience Mix Instrumental Vocoder)
  8. Wildlife (People Theatre's Range Mix)
  9. Wildlife (People Theatre's Range Dub And Dance Mix)
  10. Aeronaut (People Theatre’s Capsule Mix)
  11. Aeronaut (People Theatre’s Capsule Mix Extended)
  12. Eye In The Sky (People Theatre's Glass Mix)
  13. A Little Respect (People Theatre’s War Mix)
  14. Electric Nights (People Theatre's Cable Remix)
  15. Electric Nights (People Theatre's Cable Remix Instrumental)

 4. PARRALOX - Reproduction (Human League Cover Album) (Promotional CD-R)

  1. Almost Medieval
  2. Circus Of Death
  3. The Path Of Least Resistance
  4. Blind Youth
  5. The Word Before Last
  6. Empire State Human
  7. Morale - You've Lost That Loving Feeling
  8. Austerity / Girl One
  9. Zero As A Limit
  10. Being Boiled

Catalogue Number: PPENCDP2
Label: Conzoom Records
Release Date: 29th December 2017

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