Established in 2000 the electro wizard mOOger! - also known as Mike Stanley - uses synthesizers and drum machines exclusively to create emotional electronic pop music. The music combines the classic sounds from the early 80’s synth pop scene with today’s current electro revival to form a unique pop sound. His influences come from electronic legends such as Depeche Mode, Erasure, Kraftwerk, Human League, Northern Kind and Goldfrapp. Mike also has an admiration for Nik Kershaw’s song writing skills and a passion for all of Vince Clarke’s music and style of musical arrangements.

The album World In Me written and produced by Mike Stanley is a result of 12 months work to form ten original analogue pop gems. Each song brings a mature, sometimes dark, polished sound but always with a slight nod to that commercial pop edge that songwriters strive for. The album will seduce the listener and take them on an emotional journey but will also make you want to dance.

The third and final album Recollection - a collection of old reworked demos and brand new material - is now available. This new album still retains the trademark electronic pop sound with a more contemporary twist and is a perfect accompaniment to celebrate this summer.

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