Mikro - 180 Moires - (CD Album)


Mikro - 180 Moires - (CD Album)

In 2004 the four-member group from Thessaloniki returned with their fourth album, titled '180 Mires' This projects' main characteristic is the powerful guitars, which literally stimulate your senses. However, MIKRO don't just stay at that. The album is distinguished by its sound variety such as the disco aesthetic of "Iptameni Diski" , the ethereal dance melodies on "Chrysallida" [Chrysalis], the electro-punk make-up on "Electroshock", "Replica" and "Prosopiki Othoni" [Personal Screen], the new-wave track "Dekaochto" and finally, the electric ballad masterpiece of "180 Mires", the album's title track.

13 trk digipack CD comes with a lenticular card.

CD Track Listing

  1. Iptamenoi Diskoi
  2. De Se Fovame
  3. Electroshock
  4. Se Trohia
  5. Replica
  6. Hrisalida
  7. Alli Zoi
  8. Prosopiki Othoni
  9. 18
  10. Metadose Me
  11. Labirinthos
  12. To Paihnidi Ton Skilon
  13. 180 Mires

Catalogue Number: KUCD002
Label: Undo records
Release Date: 08.12.2004

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