Marsheaux - Our Girls On Films - (CD Numbered Card)


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Marsheaux - Our Girls On Films - (CD Numbered Card)

MARSHEAUX: Our Girls On Films (Music for films waiting to happen Volume 1).

Compilation CD with totally different versions of their songs that their publisher sent out to music supervisors. 200 numbered CD compilation in a 7" card format packaging

Copies were sold at the merchandise desk in Gothenburg - Electronic Winter (27-01-18) and the remainder at the Undo Store, now sold out, we have a few of the numbered copies.

Written by Marsheaux, Produced by Marsheaux & Fotonovela.

CD Track Listing

  1. Dream Of A Discoteque V01 (different version of Dream Of A Disco)
  2. Dream Of A Discoteque V02 (different version of Dream Of A Disco)
  3. Big City Of Bright Lights (different version of City Of Lights)
  4. (Just Like) Heaven (different version of Heaven)
  5. August Day Dream V1 (different version of August day)
  6. August Day Dream V2 (different version of August day)
  7. Joy & Sorrow (Telecine) (different version of Sorrow)
  8. Joy & Sorrow V2 (different version of Sorrow)
  9. The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning (different version of The Beginning Of The End)

Catalogue Number: TOUR18CDUN70-GOT
Label: Undo Records
Release Date: 27th January 2018

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