Marc Almond - The Dancing Marquis - (Limited Edition CD Album)


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Marc Almond - The Dancing Marquis - (Limited Edition CD Album)

In 2013, Marc Almond realised the ambition of a lifetime when he attended a few recording sessions with the legendary record producer Tony Visconti, famous for his work with David Bowie, Hazel O'Connor, T-Rex, The Moody Blues and Morrissey. The stunning results of their unique collaboration are the two tracks "Burn Bright" / "The Dancing Marquis" that kick-off this CD. Next to producer Tris Penna, Tony Visconti also lends a helping hand on string arrangements and mixing duties on two further tracks, Tasmanian Tiger, and Death of a Dandy, the latter inspired by the death of Sohos tragic artist Sebastian Horsley and which also features special guest Danielz from T-Rex tribute T.Rextasy. Carrying on in this collaborative vein, the CD also includes the talents of Martin McCarrick (Siouxsie And The Banshees, Therapy?) contributing cello on the hearteningly buoyant "Burn Bright" and strings on the title-track "The Dancing Marquis", a song that Marc Almond wrote "with Henry Paget 5th Marquess of Anglesey in mind". Jarvis Cocker brings to the mix an infectious electro-pop number he wrote especially for Marc, Worship Me Now, where he also features as a special guest on backing vocals and on the production duties with Jason Buckle (All Seeing I). Two additional dance remixes of Worship Me Now are also included exclusively on this release. Love!

We have a few of these long deleted CD albums for sale in a four-panel digipak format with a 12-page booklet.


  1. The Dancing Marquis
  2. Burn Bright
  3. Tasmanian Tiger
  4. Worship Me Now
  5. Love Is Not on Trial
  6. Death of a Dandy
  7. So What's Tonight
  8. Idiot Dancing
  9. Worship Me Now (Starcluster Remix)
  10. Worship Me Now (Spatial Awareness Remix)

Format: Limited Edition CD Album (Digipak)
Barcode: 5013929844322
Catalogue Number: SFE033
Label: Strike Force Entertainment
Release Date: 16th June 2014

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