Lip Forensics - Cheiloscopy - (Limited Edition 12" White Vinyl EP)

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Lip Forensics - Cheiloscopy - (Limited Edition 12" White Vinyl EP)

Limited Edition White Vinyl in printed PVC sleeve.

Lip Forensics have known each other since childhood. They never really liked each other but they did learn (one day at mount Olympus) to … tolerate each other. Their first official release, guided by producer and close friend Serafim Tsotsonis is underway by Amour records. Zade and Ekelon compose dreamy electronica, infused with influences from the european electronic scene (especially its scandinavian offshoots) and sets out to explore the soundtrack of their favourite crime scenes.

Track Listing

Side A

  1. fo(u)r
  2. lucid (feat. Irene Skylakaki)

Side B

  1. fo(u)r (Melorman Retroland Remix)
  2. lucid (feat. Irene Skylakaki - Serafim Tsotsonis Rework)

Format: Limited Edition 12" White Vinyl EP
Catalogue Number: 12AMOUR016
Label: Amour Records
Release Date: 2019

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