K Á R Y Y N - The Quanta Series - (2xLP Clear Vinyl Album)

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K Á R Y Y N - The Quanta Series - (2xLP Clear Vinyl Album)

Multi-disciplinary artist, composer and vocalist K Á R Y Y N releases her forthcoming debut album 'The Quanta Series' March 29th on Mute.

Written and recorded over a seven year period, 'The Quanta Series' tracks K Á R Y Y N's movements across continents on a voyage of self-examination. Beginning in 2011 following the death of two relatives in Aleppo, K Á R Y Y N left her native LA for Cherry Valley, upstate New York to process her grief in seclusion. During the 18 months she lived in Cherry Valley, K Á R Y Y N wrote two songs for 'The Quanta Series'. The first was a visceral, emotional piece recorded in one take called 'Today I Read Your Life Story 11:11'. The second, a musing on impermanence and understanding the impact of our choices called 'Segment And The Line'. Over the years that followed, K Á R Y Y N spent time living in Berlin where she wrote 'Purgatory', a song inspired by a memory from her childhood spent in the Forty Mountains of Idlib province in Syria. As she travelled, she found inspiration everywhere, leaning into her own familial legacy, feelings of grief and love and observations on human interaction. A deep connection to her lineage is a concurrent theme in K Á R Y Y N's work, with an interpretation of traditional Armenian folk song 'Ambets Gorav' present on the album plus a beautiful choral patchwork called 'Mirror Me' providing an introspective break in the album - a track about "facing yourself, the good, the bad; searching for the parts in us that have been lost."

LP Track Listing

  1. Ever
  2. Yajna
  3. Purgatory
  4. Binary
  5. Ambets Gorav
  6. Un-c2-See
  7. Mirror Me
  8. Cytokinesis
  9. Aleppo
  10. Today I Read Your Life Story 11:11
  11. Segment And The Line

Format: 2xLP Clear Vinyl Album + Download Card
BarCode: 5400863006495
Catalogue Number: STUMM437
Label: Mute
Release Date: Friday, 29th March 2019

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