Holly Johnson - Blast - (Expanded Edition 2CD/1DVD Album)


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Holly Johnson - Blast - (Expanded Edition 2CD/1DVD Album)

An expanded collector's edition re-issue of Holly Johnson's first solo album Blast. Originally released in May 1989, Blast was a UK Number One platinum selling album and contains the four hit singles Love Train (#4), Americanos (#4), Atomic City (#18) and Heaven’s Here (#62). Also contains all six tracks from 1990’s long deleted Hollelujah remix album plus many other remixes, B-sides and rarities – many released on CD for the first time. We even have a special bonus DVD disc featuring the Blast promotional videos. This expanded edition has been curated in consultation with Holly Johnson himself.

Deleted and now very rare, we have a couple of these available for purchase.


CD1 - The Blast Album Remastered + B-Sides And Rarities

  1. Atomic City
  2. Heaven's Here
  3. Americanos
  4. Deep In Love
  5. S.U.C.C.E.S.S.
  6. Love Train
  7. Got It Made
  8. Love Will Come
  9. Perfume
  10. Feel Good
  11. Murder In Paradise
  12. Americanos (Mambo Dub)
  13. Beat The System

  14. Hollelujah
  15. Love Me Tender
  16. Perfume (Aromatherapy Mix)
  17. Perfume (Aromatherapy Instrumental Mix)

CD2 - The Blast Singles Remixed

  1. Love Train (Americana Big Beat Version)
  2. Love Train (Iron Horse Instrumental)
  3. Love Train (Americana 12" Version)
  4. Love Train (Bonus Big Beat Radio Mix)
  5. Love Train (Americana Pop Version)
  6. Love Train (Ride The 'A' Train)
  7. Americanos (The Perfect Taco Mix)
  8. Americanos (Liberty Mix)
  9. Americanos (Justin Strauss Extended Version)
  10. Americanos (Magimix)
  11. Americanos (7" Magimix Version)
  12. Atomic City (Bona Biodegradeable Mix)
  13. Heaven's Here (Mount Olympus Mix)

DVD - The Blast Promotional Videos

  • Love Train
  • Americanos
  • Atomic City
  • Heaven's Here
  • Atomic City (Enviro-Mental 12" Mix)

Format: Expanded Edition 2CD/1DVD Album
Barcode: 5013929841925
Catalogue Number: SFE009T
Label: Strike Force Entertainment
Release Date: 13th December 2010

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