electropop.11 - Various Artists - (CD Album)


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electropop.11 - Various Artists - (CD Album)

In a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to sell CDs, especially for smaller labels, the publication of a compilation, which contains many new and (even more) unknown bands, means a certain risk. In addition, the illegal digital music spread over the Internet.

Despite these facts, conzoom Records has decided to continue the "electropop" series with volume 11. With a fresh cover design by Corinna Samow it goes into the new round electropop. And the makers behind electropop have been able to find many great bands in the last months, who just deserved to be represented on this compilation. In addition to new artists like EMT, Mirreya, The Sweetest Condition or even Polyester8 the label is very pleased to present with Midnight Resistance, Rroyce, Rename or even Shelter some more prestigious bands.

And for the first time, there is an rare bonustrack on this electropop.11 release. conzoom Records is delighted that all electropop fans will enjoy the demo version of Robert Marlow's classic "No Heart" as a special treat at the end of this new electropop. 

Track Listing

  1. emt - regret (sinestar extended mix)
  2. insight - alive (techni-ka remix)
  3. janrevolution - man without return (extended mix)
  4. kosmos - keine macht dieser welt (paralyzed extended remix)
  5. mechatronic - don't bother to knock (extended version)
  6. midnight resistance - under glass (extended mix)
  7. mirreya - when tomorrow comes (extended version)
  8. nordika feat. felix marc - illumination (extended version)
  9. polyester8 - my kingdom (extended version)
  10. rename - avalanche of fear (oren amram remix)
  11. rroyce - i like it when you lie (oren amram entirely club mix)
  12. shelter - blur the lines (extended version)
  13. the sweetest condition - control (extended remix)
  14. robert marlow - no heart (alternate vocals and bassline - rough mix)

Bar Code: 9008798196050
Catalogue Number CRCD011
Label: Conzoom Records
Release Date: 27th January 2017

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