Destination are a boy/girl synth-pop duo based in the UK, consisting of Glynn Jaine and Bridget Gray. They met by chance in the summer of 2008, and on discovering a mutual love of synthpop, quickly established a prolific songwriting partnership.

While undeniably taking their lead from electronica giants like Erasure, Yazoo, and Depeche Mode, the pair also cite the influence of a wide range of artists as diverse as Nick Cave and Ladytron, Massive Attack and Alabama3. This fusion of the vintage and the modern, results in a sound that is, at once, classic and contemporary.

Glynn is the musical architect of the band, possessed of an unerring ability to create the irresistible, hook-laden tunes in the Destination repertoire. Bridget is the lyricist of the group, and her soft and dreamy vocals give the songs an extra dimension that is both enchanting and unique.

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