Break Line - Break Line The Musical - (CD Album)

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Break Line - Break Line The Musical - (CD Album)

Break Line is Anand Wilder (Yeasayer co-founder, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist) and Maxwell Kardon's passion project, created with a community of friends and ten years in the making. Break Line is cultivated from a story created back in 2004, a classic tale of betrayal, pride and love lost set to music inspired by concept albums and rock operas of the 1970's.

CD Track Listing (Act 1):

  1. Coal Into Diamonds
  2. Wedding Day
  3. Opportunity
  4. Hold You Tight
  5. They're Stealing Our Coal
  6. Intermission (Fourth of July)

CD Track Listing (Act 2):

  1. Better to Die
  2. It Doesn't Seem Right
  3. Fathers and Brothers
  4. I'm to Blame
  5. Hang Your Head High

Catalogue Number: CDSTUMM361
Bar Code: 5051083080606
Label: Mute Artists
Release Date: 14th July 2014

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