Barry Adamson - Stranger On The Sofa - (CD Album)


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Barry Adamson - Strangers On The Sofa - (CD Album)

Barry Adamson's 9-track album "Strangers On The Sofa" was released 13th June 2006.

Listen to samples of tracks from the album here

CD Track Listing

  1. Here In The Hole
  2. The Long Way Back Again
  3. Officer Bentley's Fairly Serious Dilemma
  4. Who Killed Big Bird
  5. Theresa Green
  6. The Sorrow And The Pity
  7. My Friend The Fly
  8. Inside Of Your Head
  9. You Sold Your Dreams

Catalogue Number: CCI001
Bar Code: 689076892438
Label: Mute Artists
Release Date: 13th June 2006

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