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Aztec Camera - Backwards and Forwards - (9CD Clamshell Album)

The WEA Recordings 1984-1995.

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Led by frontman and master songwriter Roddy Frame, Aztec Camera successfully turned indiedarling status into mainstream success when they signed with WEA in 1984. Taking inspiration from his own record collection, Frame set about recording a series of style-hopping albums, collaborating with his personal wish list of musical inspirations and producing a remarkable run of emotive, honest songs to rival any of his contemporaries. Admired and adored in equal measure, Roddy remains one of Scotland’s most gifted musical treasures.

‘Backwards And Forwards’ showcases the five albums, multiple hit singles and contemporary remixes, live recordings and alternative versions accumulated by Aztec Camera during that period, a time which saw the band tour the world and achieve success wherever songwriting class is recognised and appreciated. Bursting with expertly crafted songs and melodies, and always produced with an accessible sheen, this is the sound of a musical magpie taking every opportunity offered to him, at a time when the music business encouraged genius and applauded eclecticism.

Deluxe box set compiling five albums, singles, b-sides, live recordings, remixes, compilation appearances and vinyl-only rarities.

112 tracks spanning the band’s eleven year spell with wea, including many never before issued on CD.

Featuring the hits ‘Somewhere In My Heart’, ‘Good Morning Britain’, ‘Deep & Wide & Tall’, ‘All I Need Is Everything’, and more, alongside live renditions of the band’s pre-wea highlights.

Includes promotional release only material, the entire live at Ronnie Scott’s recording and a vinyl only interview with Aztec Camera founder and mainstay Roddy Frame.

"Aztec Camera - Backwards and Forwards" is out Friday, 27th August 2021 on Cherry Red Records and available for pre-order now.

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Track Listing


  1. Still On Fire
  2. Just Like The USA
  3. Head Is Happy (Heart's Insane)
  4. The Back Door To Heaven
  5. All I Need Is Everything
  6. Backwards And Forwards
  7. The Birth Of The True Knife
  8. All I Need Is Everything (7" Edit)
  9. Jump
  10. All I Need Is Everything (Latin Mix)
  11. Jump (Loaded Version)

CD2 - IN CONCERT, 1984

  1. Walk Out To Winter (Live in Glasgow)
  2. The Bugle Sounds Again (Live in Glasgow)
  3. We Could Send Letters (Live in Glasgow)
  4. Backwards And Forwards (Live in Glasgow)
  5. Oblivious (Live in Glasgow)
  6. All I Need Is Everything (Live in Glasgow)
  7. The Boy Wonders (Live in Glasgow)
  8. Mattress Of Wire (Live in London)
  9. The Bugle Sounds Again (Live in London)
  10. The Birth Of The True (Live in London)
  11. Backwards And Forwards (Live in London)
  12. Walk Out To Winter (Live in London)


  1. Deep & Wide & Tall
  2. How Men Are
  3. Everybody Is A Number One
  4. More Than A Law
  5. Somewhere In My Heart
  6. Working In A Goldmine
  7. One And One
  8. Paradise
  9. Killermont Street
  10. Bad Education
  11. The Red Flag


  1. Somewhere In My Heart (12" Remix)
  2. Somewhere in My Heart (Eric Calvi Remix)
  3. Somewhere In My Heart (The Alternate Mix)
  4. Deep & Wide & Tall (Breakdown Mix)
  5. Deep & Wide & Tall (LP Edit)
  6. 6 Everybody Is A Number One (Boston '86 Version)
  7. Working In A Goldmine (Sax Version)
  8. Working In A Goldmine (Live At Pinewood)
  9. Somewhere In My Heart (Live At Pinewood)
  10. Killermont Street (Live in LA)
  11. Pillar To Post (Live in LA)
  12. How Men Are (Night Network Live)
  13. Down The Dip (Live in Glasgow
  14. Jump (Live in Glasgow)
  15. I Threw It All Away (Live in Bristol)
  16. Interview


  1. Stray
  2. The Crying Scene
  3. Get Outta London
  4. Over My Head
  5. Good Morning Britain
  6. How It Is
  7. The Gentle Kind
  8. Notting Hill Blues
  9. Song For A Friend
  10. Salvation
  11. True Colours


  1. Do I Love You?
  2. Good Morning Britain (7" Mix)
  3. Good Morning Britain (Laylow Posse Hypno-Mix/Kitsch 'N' Sync Mix)
  4. Good Morning Britain (Laylow Posse Hypnomental/Instrumental Mix)
  5. Good Morning Britain(Laylow Posse Hypno-Edit/Vocal Remix)
  6. Good Morning Britain (Mendelsohn Single Mix) 7 Good Morning Britain (Morning Acid Mix)
  7. Consolation Prize (Live at Glasgow Barrowlands, August 4th, 1990)
  8. Good Morning Britain (Live at Glasgow Barrowlands, August 4th, 1990)


  1. Birth Of The True
  2. Song For A Friend
  3. Killermont Street
  4. Spanish Horses
  5. Stray
  6. The Bugle Sounds Again
  7. Dolphins
  8. How Men Are
  9. Sister Ann
  10. Good Morning Britain
  11. Mattress Of Wire
  12. Let Your Love Decide
  13. Orchid Girl


  1. Birds
  2. Safe In Sorrow
  3. Black Lucia
  4. Let Your Love Decide
  5. Spanish Horses
  6. Dream Sweet Dreams
  7. Pianos And Clocks
  8. Sister Ann
  9. Vertigo
  10. Valium Summer
  11. The Belle Of The Ball
  12. (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice
  13. Just Like The USA (Live in Barcelona)
  14. Let Your Love Decide (Edit)


  1. Rainy Season
  2. Sun
  3. Crazy
  4. On The Avenue
  5. Imperfectly
  6. Debutante
  7. Beautiful Girl
  8. Phenomenal World
  9. Method Of Love
  10. Sunset
  11. The Crying Scene (Live At The Phoenix Festival, 1995)
  12. Black Lucia (Live At The Phoenix Festival, 1995)
  13. We Could Send Letters (Live At The Phoenix Festival, 1995)
  14. Rainy Season (Live At The Phoenix Festival, 1995)

Format: 9CD Clamshell Album
Barcode: 5013929111202
Catalogue Number: CRCDBOX112
Label: Cherry Red Records
Release Date: Friday, 27th August 2021

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