Various Artists - Aspra (aka Sophia Sarigiannidou from Marsheaux) - Play For Tomorrow Vol. 1 - (CD Album)


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Various Artists - Aspra (aka Sophia Sarigiannidou from Marsheaux) - Play For Tomorrow Vol. 1 - (CD Album)

Best known as one half of the Greek synthpop duo Marsheaux, Sophia Sarigiannidou launched her solo project Aspra in 2022.

Play For Tomorrow is a compilation curated by Sophia that that will appeal to long standing music fans who love discovering music from the imperial pioneering phase of electronic pop that may have fallen under the radar back in the day.

I was born and raised in Schorndorf in the South of Germany. The neighboring house was that of Gottlieb Daimler, inventor of the motor engine where his relatives still lived, sshing us not to make noise while we were playing in front of the house.

Me and my siblings loved our village, we had our friends and growing up there was like a fairy tale. The place was surrounded by hills and mountains. Our parents, immigrants there, decided we should move back to Greece, to Thessaloniki. This was something that especially me and my sister hated. Well, at least at the beginning…

We got reserved and the only way out was listening to music, a lot of music! Me, my sister and my best friend back then were in a trance with music! Our favorite band was Duran Duran! Their debut mesmerised me.The riff of Planet Earth is the best riff of all times (together with Don’t Go - Yazoo). I wanted to marry John and Nick was the most elegant person I've ever seen in my life, working on his synthesizers. I started noticing his synthesizers. I really liked the sound of the synthesizers.

I started going to the neighborhood record store and asking them to write me tapes. I bought the Machinescompilation LP. The disc starts with Messages by OMD. What a shock that was... within 3 minutes so many different tunes alternated, one better than the other. Through this record, I discovered Fad Gadget, Gary Numan and John Foxx! That afternoon the living room of the house in Thessaloniki was transformed into a window into a future era! It was written everywhere that “the synthesizeris the sound of the future”. Mine certainly was!


  1. The Gadgets - U.F.O. Report N°1 (1980)
  2. Michael Rother - Karussell (1977)
  3. Amin Peck - Love Disgrace
  4. Car Crash Set - Fall From Grace (1983)
  5. Alan Burnham - Music To Save The World By (1981)
  6. Blaine L. Reininger - Mystery and Confusion (1984)
  7. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Of All The Things We've Made (1981)
  8. Ruth - Polaroid/Roman/Photo (1985)
  9. Chrisma - Black Silk stocking (1977)
  10. Buggles - On TV (1981)
  11. Electronic Circus - Direct Lines (1981)
  12. I Start Counting - Still Smilling (1985)
  13. CHRIS & COSEY - October Love Song (1983)
  14. Ultravox - Just For A Moment (1978)

Format: CD Album
Barcode: 0792057547569
Label: Undo Records
Release Date: Wednesday, 15th December 2023

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