Annie Hogan & Scanner - Scanni - (CD Album) - SIGNED

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Annie Hogan & Scanner - Scanni - (CD Album) - SIGNED

An electro-acoustic collaboration from two of the UK's foremost contemporary composers, "Scanni" fuses the sensibilities of pianist and celebrated arranger Annie Hogan (Marc & The Mambas, Marc Almond) with the avant-garde noise production and curation of celebrated electronic musician and sampler Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) across ten tracks that feature a wealth of guest musicians and vocalists.

Martin Bowes (Attrition) co-wrote and plays drone synths, Wolfgang Flür, legendary ex-Kraftwerk percussionist and performance artist, provides lyrics and vocals on "Golden Light" and Jarboe the lauded singer from Swans, appears on the two tracks "Carelessly" and "Cinecittà".

Further guest appearances are included from cult singers Jennifer John and Merseyside legend Thomas Lang.

CDs will be signed by Annie Hogan.

CD Track Listing

  1. A Life Well Lived – Kate Smith
  2. Future - Jennifer John
  3. Mine Was Full Of Tears – Kate Smith
  4. Carelessly – Jarboe
  5. Glorious – Jennifer John
  6. Cinecittà (Feel Everything) – Jarboe
  7. Alone – Thomas Lang
  8. Golden Light – Wolfgang Flür
  9. Once Upon
  10. With You In My Life – Thomas Lang

Format: CD Album
Catalog Number: SFE049
Label: Cherry Red Records
Release Date: 26th February 2016

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