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Ann Margaret Hogan - Funeral Cargo - (LP Clear Vinyl Album)

Ann Margaret Hogan’s latest album continues her navigations into the ancient past via landscape, sound and memory begun on 2020’s Honeysuckle Burials.

While that collection was inspired by her exploration of the ancient trackways, burial mounds and iron age hillforts of the Clywdian Range in North Wales, the inspiration for Funeral Cargo lies closer to home: Hogan’s birthplace in Oxton, on The Wirral, where Vikings crossing the sea from Ireland settled around 902AD; and the place where she now resides, looking out onto the Mersey from her home Studio.

The eight, mostly improvised, solo piano pieces that trace this ancient landscape of rock, river, sea and sky are augmented by atmospheric field recordings from Hogan’s walks around these shores, the Studio Blue garden and the Wirral docks. All but ‘Wolfswaltzer’ – an affectionate tribute to friend and musical collaborator, Kraftwerk’s Wolfgang Flür that its author describes as: “a simple waltz of coffee, food, friends and music”– paint vivid aural pictures.

The roiling waters of the river and it’s deep blues undertow, the dancing patterns of sunlight on waves, clouds scudding across luminous estuary skies and the calls of birds on the wing around Studio Blue, where it was recorded last spring as the country first went into lockdown.

For Hogan, like all of us entering this strange new reality, it was a time of reflection and solace in nature during that long, warm, sunny season.

All albums will be signed by Anni Hogan, exclusive to Lexer Music.

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Forgotten Prelude
  2. Fragile Elements
  3. Funeral Cargo
  4. Returns Part 1

Side B

  1. Wolfswalzer
  2. Impromptu
  3. Mesto
  4. Returns Part 2

Format: LP Vinyl Album
Catalogue Number: DNAH02-COL
Label: Downwards Records
Release Date: Thursday, 6th May 2021

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