Alison Moyet - The Turn - (Heavyweight Vinyl LP)


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Alison Moyet - The Turn - (Heavyweight Vinyl LP)

The Deluxe Edition of The Turn is one of three re-issues from Alison Moyet, alongside Hometime and Voice, released 2nd October 2015. Available in both CD and Heavyweight Vinyl LP format, this listing is for the Heavyweight Vinyl LP.

The Turn re-issue features the terrific B-sides, 'Fool', 'Reconsider Me' and 'Momma Momma', an unreleased single edit of 'The Sharpest Corner (Hollow)' and previously unavailable live tracks such as 'Wishing You Were Here' and 'Fire' from The Turn tour of 2008 (which have been mixed for this release by Sean McGhee and John Garden).

LP Side A Track Listing

  1. One More Time
  2. Anytime At All
  3. The Man In The Wings
  4. Can't Say It Like I Mean It
  5. It's Not The Thing Henry
  6. Fire

LP Side B Track Listing

  1. The Sharpest Corner (Hollow)
  2. World Without End
  3. Home
  4. Smaller
  5. A Guy Like You
  6. Senses

Tracks available via download card only

  1. Fool, Reconsider Me
  2. Momma Momma
  3. A Guy Like You
  4. The Sharpest Corner (Hollow)
  5. One More Time
  6. Wishing You Were Here
  7. Dorothy
  8. Can't Say It Like I Mean It
  9. Fire
  10. Man In The Wings
  11. The Sharpest Corner (Hollow)
  12. Momma Momma
  13. Ski
  14. You Don't Have To Go
  15. Head

Catalogue Number: COOKLP626
Bar Code: 0711297512618
Label: Cooking Vinyl Records
Release Date: 2nd October 2015

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