Alison Moyet - Other - (CD Album)


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Alison Moyet - Other - (CD Album)

"Other" - the latest album by pop legend and relentless explorer Alison Moyet.

"Other" finds Alison at the top of her game - making exactly the music she wants to at this moment in time. This is intelligent, adventurous electronic pop that's defined by Sigsworth's signature soundscapes. Alison's voice and songwriting are both intense, poetic, and thought provoking.

Following the huge critical and national chart success of Alison's last album "The Minutes" (which debuted at # 5) "Other" found Alison working again with producer and song writing collaborator Guy Sigsworth.

CD Track Listing

  1. I Germinate
  2. Lover, Go
  3. The English U
  4. The Rarest Birds
  5. Beautiful Gun
  6. Reassuring Pinches
  7. April 10th
  8. Other
  9. Happy Giddy
  10. Alive

Format: CD Album
Catalogue Number: COOKCD645
Bar Code: 711297514520
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Release Date: Friday, 16th June 2017

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