A Certain Ratio - Up In Downsville - (CD Album) - + SIGNED Postcard


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A Certain Ratio - Up In Downsville - (CD Album) + SIGNED Postcard

A Certain Ratio  announced details of the next phase of reissues on Mute, acr:mcr and I’d Like To See You Again were released on 23 March with Good Together and Up In Downsville following on 25 May 2018.

The reissues are part of the ongoing collaboration with Mute that started with The Graveyard And The Ballroom, To Each and Force . The current releases, including the long out of print albums acr:mcr and Good Together will be followed by Sextet, Mind Made Up, Change The Station and a new compilation with recently recorded tracks plus various box sets that will include rare and previously unreleased material, in a campaign that is set to run over the next three years. 

Each order that contains A Certain Ratio release comes with a bonus postcard signed by the band.

CD Track Listing

  1. Manik
  2. Turn Me On
  3. Mello
  4. Wonder Y
  5. Up In Downsville Part 1
  6. 27 Forever
  7. Tekno 4 An Answer
  8. Salvador's Fish
  9. Up In Downsville Part 2 (Track Title Version)
  10. 27 Forever (Jon Dasilva Remix)
  11. Mello (M People Remix)

Catalogue Number: 5414939961274
Bar Code: CDSTUMM411
Label: Mute
Re-Release Date: 25th May 2018

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